PUNCTUAL For Acne 30ml + GIFT Clear Astringent Mask 30ml.

PUNCTUAL For Acne 30ml + GIFT Clear Astringent Mask 30ml.


litocosmético treatment with aluminum salts and organic sulfur correcting acne and regulates sebum secretion. In addition, their biological plant extracts help regenerate the inflamed and damaged skin.


In the resolution problem of acne, the first point to solve is the reduction of sebum secretion through the pilosebaceous channels because if not, it is impossible for other active substances can be absorbed and therefore combat seborrheic symptoms: inflammation, infection, clogged pores (blackheads, pimples, etc.). The anti-acne cream introduces in its composition three main active ingredients combined, help combat seborrhea and its consequences, producing at the same time:

Aseptizaciòn: High cleansing power of organic sulfur anticomedogènico makes penetrates well into the skin: activates the hydro-lipid mantle, ie, decreases the skin pH, preventing the development and activity of Corynebacterium acnes, all enhancing the action of the extract thyme (thymol + contains carvacrol) advocated a purifying action.

anti-inflammatory action: Hamamelis extract with other active substances such as camphor, regulating pore dilation (astringent effect), decongest, soothe and tone the area of ​​acne.

healing action: La Manzanilla recommends an antiallergic, healing and tonic because it contains azulene, farnesol, geraniol and bisabolol their inflorescences, stimulating the reticuloendothelial system, playing an important role in the repair and bacteriostatic skin defense.

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