ESSENTIAL OXYGEN 50ml + GIFT Diamond Cell Cream 20ml.

ESSENTIAL OXYGEN 50ml + GIFT Diamond Cell Cream 20ml.


This cream is the definition of several treatments joined in one single cream. It oxygenates the cells by creating anti-free radicals. It illuminates and brightens dull and stained skins. 

*GIFT Diamond Cell Cream 20ml.

Hydrates the skin layers constantly by the action of plant extracts. It restores the signs of ageing due to the action of anti-steaming lifting of the Retinol. It gives immediate results to your skin, because of the action of its plant extracts. It fights aging effect producing an anti-wrinkles lifting, and provides instant results making your skin look more radiant, smoother with better texture and tone. Besides, it acts as an enhancer of the fibroblasts growth, with a strong anti-free radical action. The effect of these components stimulates the oxygenation, activating the cutaneous metabolism and fading pigmentations ESSENTIAL OXYGEN is a true anti-ageing treatment thanks to its active ingredients of -progressive lifting-?. Retinol, Ginseng together with a concentrated complex of vitamins, smoothes and reaffirms the features and reduces wrinkles. Result: A gleaming complexion. Restructuring the upper layers of the epidermis. Helps to slow natural aging.

Type of Skin
Mixed skin

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