NATURAL GOLD ESSENCE Saffron + Argan 50 ml + Serum Longevity 15ml
NATURAL GOLD ESSENCE Saffron + Argan 50 ml + Serum Longevity 15ml

NATURAL GOLD ESSENCE Saffron + Argan 50 ml + Gift Travel Size 20ml


Natural Gold Essence Saffron and Argan is a moisturizing cocktail cream created to combat wrinkles and contribute to the youthful face, thanks to the properties of its main ingredients such as Saffron Gold Red Extract and Argan Oil.

Application: Apply morning and night after cleaning the skin.

Natural Gold Essence is an exclusive cocktail cream, created to combat the effect of wrinkles and give the face a new youth, thanks to the properties of saffron flowers. Saffron, known as red gold, is considered the most expensive spice in the world and now displays its anti-aging benefits in cosmetics.

The secret that keeps the flower of the saffron is Crocin Caroteinica that improves the functioning of the cells and the natural barrier against free radicals, and controls the enzyme tyrosinanse, responsible for the spots. Reactivates tissue renewal and stimulates skin regeneration by increasing elasticity and firmness.

Thalissi Cocktail Cream Saffron & Argan Natural Gold Essence is indicated for the most sensitive skin.

Contains pure natural plant ingredients, in the maximum possible percentage for a pleasant application and without components of animal origin or tested on animals.

Active Ingredients: Saffron Extract, Argan Oil, Jojoba Vegetable Oil, Allantoin, Soy Extract, Yeast Extract, Sesame Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Glycoproteins or Gap, Grape Seed Extract.

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